I just like to talk alot

Hiphop,politics,sports and whatever else i fucking feel like

Here it is y’all! Your first glimpse at the new ep #THEHAZE beats by #haunteddays and #witchesteat lyrics by myself and @besatree this is just the tip of the iceberg! #cldmkrs #stayilluminated

Driving in traffic makes me feel like this.
One of my favorite lyrics from my new project #thehaze which also has @Besatree killing it on every track. Photo shot by the uber talented @eddiesleven when we did that #DMOT @cloudmakers @cldmkrs shoot. Stay tuned this month and help us take over the world.
Looking damn good kids.
Today I’ll be playing the roll of security guard.
#thehaze @besatree #physics #music
"Top of the world and I ain’t even left yet"
My view from under 5 pillows
Sooooooo excited for my latest project #thehaze with @besatree
Good lord y’all. @noearth new single ft. @joemascm and @thisisthesis is bananas get at www.cldmkrs.com #cm @cloudmakers